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    Người gửi: Đỗ Văn Bình (trang riêng)
    Ngày gửi: 17h:44' 05-10-2014
    Dung lượng: 2.3 MB
    Số lượt tải: 242
    Số lượt thích: 0 người
    Period 3
    Date of planning: 17/ 08/ 2013
    Unit 1 : HOME LIFE
    A- Reading
    I. Aims:By the end of the lesson Ss wil be able to :
    Understand more about home life
    Develop such reading micro-skills as scanning for spercific ideas, skimming for general information, and guessing meaning in context.
    II.Teaching Aids
    Board, chalk, textbook, pictures ,handouts
    III. Teaching method : integrated, mainly communicative
    IV. Teaching procedures :
    1.Greetings & Checking the attendance :
    Date of teaching
    2. New lesson:
    Teacher’s activities
    Students’ activities
    Warm up (5’)
    - Write the sentence on the board:
    “Men build the house and women make it home.”
    - Give question:
    What does the statement mean?
    - Ask students to work in pairs to discuss the question.
    - Collect students’ asnwers and give correct answer:
    The statement means that men’s responsibility is to work and support the family and women’s job is to look after the family.
    - Introduce the lesson:
    Today we will understand more about the responsibility and contribution of each member to have a happy family.
    Warm up (5’)
    - Listen

    - Discuss the question in pairs.

    - Listen and write down

    - Listen

    Pre – Reading (7`)
    - Ask sts to work in pairs, describe the picture.
    - Give questions as cues:
    1. Who do you think they are
    2. Where is the family?
    3. What is each member of the family doing?
    4. Is the family happy? Why (not)?
    - Ask students to answer
    - Give feedback and suggested answers
    1. parents and children
    2. at home
    3. The mother is helping the daughter with her study, the father is playing with the son.
    4. They are happy, because they love and support each other.
    - Introduce the reading text:
    Now we will read a passage about a typical family to see how they contribute to make their homelife happy.
    -T gives handouts to expain new words
    Pre – Reading (7`)
    - Work in pairs, look at the pictures in the text book, and tell what these pictures are about by answering the questions.

    - Answer the questions
    - Listen to the teacher
    - Write down


    -Write down
    -Pronouce the words correctly
    While -Reading (20`)
    - Ask students to read the passage silently to understand the main ideas.
    Task 1 (p14): Choose the sentence A, B or C that is nearest in meaning to the sentence given.
    - Ask students to do Task 1
    - Ask students to compare the answers with a partner.
    - Ask some students to read the asnwers
    - Checks and gives correct answers:

    Task 2: Answer the questions
    - Ask students to read the passage again and answer the questions
    - Ask students to compare the answers with a partner
    - Checks and gives correct answers:
    1. Very busy. They have to work long hours and sometimes they have to work at night.
    2. She is always the first one to get up in the morning to make sure that her children leave home for school having eaten breakfast and dressed in suitable clothes. She always makes dinner ready before her husband comes home.
    3. The daughter helps with household chores: she washes the dishes and takes out the garbage. She also looks after the boys/ her younger brothers. The father sometimes cooks/ does some cooking or mends things around the house at weekends.
    4. She attempts to win a place at university
    5. Because they are very close-knit and supportive of one another. They often share their feelings and whenever problems come up, they discus them frankly and find solutions quickly.
    While - Reading (20`)
    - Read the text silently one or two times.
    Task 1 (p14):

    - Work individually to do task 1
    - Compare the answers
    - Read aloud their answers
    - Write down the correct answers

    Task 2:
    - Work in pairs to do the task

    - Compare the answers
    - Read aloud their answers

    - Write down the correct answers

    Post – Reading (10`)
    - Ask sts to work in groups, discuss the questions:
    Compare the family in the text with your own family.
    - Ask some students to present their discussion in front of the class.
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